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Braces for All Ages

Our practice recognizes that adults and children have different needs and require a different level of attention and care. We will work with you to ensure that you receive the most appropriate treatments and that your needs are met with understanding, respect, and full commitment from us.

For Children

While there is no exact age for children to begin orthodontic treatment, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends visiting the orthodontist around age seven. Early treatment allows your orthodontist to correct and guide your child’s jaw, create more space for crowded teeth, avoid the need for extractions later in life, and correct thumb sucking and minor speech problems. There are a few things to watch for, such as crowded or misplaced teeth, difficulty chewing or biting, mouth breathing, thumb sucking, or popping jaws, that may mean your child needs to see an orthodontist.

For Teens

Braces are no longer as scary as many teens may think. In fact, braces today come in a variety of styles, materials and colors, making life with braces much easier, more comfortable and even more stylish than in the past. There are several treatment options to choose from, including traditional metal, ceramic and invisible braces. Treatment times can vary depending on how quickly your body responds and how much work is needed to give you the show-stopping smile you expect. Regardless of the type of braces you choose, it is important to avoid sticky, hard or chewy foods, as these may damage your braces and prolong your treatment time.

For Adults

Orthodontic treatment is no longer just for teens! In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists cites that one in five orthodontic patients is over the age of 21! Many adults are choosing to receive treatment because they understand the importance of maintaining their health and they want to feel better about their appearance. Today’s orthodontic treatment options, such as clear braces, self-ligating braces, lingual braces and clear aligners, offer a variety of braces and appliances that are comfortable, aesthetic and customized to meet your needs. Remember, a straight smile isn’t just beautiful; it will help you maintain the health of your teeth for life!

Orthodontics FAQ

At Petrunic Orthodontics we are here to walk you through the entire process. From our free consultation to your desired end results, we make sure the process is as easy and seamless as possible.  We have created some FAQ to help you get started, but we would  also love to sit down with you in person and answer any and all of your questions.    

Is it required that my family dentist schedule my appointment with the orthodontist?

No, it is not. Many of our patients are referred by their family dentist, yet many other patients take the initiative to schedule an examination themselves.

At what age should I schedule an appointment for an orthodontic screening?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an orthodontic screening at age 7. By this age, several permanent teeth in most children have erupted, allowing us to effectively evaluate your orthodontic condition.

Will my teeth straighten out as they grow?

No, they will not. The space available for the front teeth does not increase as you grow. In most people, after the permanent molars erupt, the space available for the front teeth decreases with age.

How do I schedule an appointment for an initial exam?

If you or your child can potentially benefit from orthodontic treatment, simply call our office or send us an e-mail. We will be happy to schedule an appointment for you. When you call to schedule your appointment, our front office staff will request some basic information from you.

Chris Petrunic, DMD, MS

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Seeing the joy and confidence on my patients' faces when they achieve the smiles of their dreams is the best part of being an orthodontist. Over the past eight years, I have met such wonderful people, and they've all taught me so much. I think people enjoy being around somebody who truly loves what he or she does, and that excitement becomes infectious. I hope that each and every patient I meet becomes as excited as I am about his or her orthodontic treatment.

I am a native of Prattville, AL, and proud to have been born and raised in such a great community. I live here with my wife, Ashley, and our two children. My free time is spent hunting, fishing, playing golf, or really just doing anything outside. I can also be found on my family’s farm. 

Being a part of the community where I practice is very important to me. I enjoy watching the children I treat grow up and thrive in the community that I call home. I see so many of my patients out around town at dinner, ballgames, church and community functions. I believe that a practicing doctor should know his patients as people and not just as a name on a chart. I want my patients to develop a sense of pride and bond with somebody they see as one of their own.


"Dr. Petrunic and his staff are extremely caring and professional. During every appointment and follow up visit , I always felt he was truly concerned about my satisfaction and always provided a comfortable and caring environment. Now that my daughter is a patient, I look forward to seeing him and his staff every month! I would highly recommend Dr. Petrunic for your orthodontic needs." read more 

"Our Family has chosen Petrunic Orthodontics because of the overall care that is given to our children. Dr. Chris takes time to learn about each individual and their personality and lifestyle then tailors his plan of care to that child. He only recommended devices or procedures as they became necessary. Dr. Petrunic is also involved in the community supporting the various activities of his patients..."  read more

"When it was time for my daughter to need braces, we consulted with a few different orthodontists regarding treatment. Since Dr. Petrunic was the third orthodontist we met with, I guess you could say the best was saved for last. My daughter felt at ease as soon as she met Dr. Petrunic. He and his staff have been wonderful to work with. Dr. Petrunic is very thorough in all aspects of the treatment..." read more

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