Am I Too Old For Braces?

When inquiring about braces, the amount of information thrown your way can be overwhelming. Petrunic Orthodontics is committed to making your smile journey a straightforward, easy experience. You can count on our team to slow things down for you and answer your burning questions, such as whether or not you can be too old for braces, what treatments are available, why you should pursue braces as an adult, and what you can expect during a free consultation.

Braces Provide Care For Patients of All Ages!

In mentioning braces, many of our patients assume because they did not get them as a child, they must resort to more complicated procedures to attain the straight smile of their dreams. We are here to debunk this myth and share with you that all ages are able to pursue braces and reap the benefits of straightened teeth! Petrunic Orthodontics can provide the same expert-level results teenagers enjoy for adults. 

Though treatment may take additional time, know that your smile goals are entirely attainable. By working with our friendly and knowledgeable team, we can discuss your options and determine your most efficient path!

Our Treatments

Traditional Metal Braces

The most commonly used orthodontic appliance, metal braces are a long-trusted option for those looking to fix even the most complex issues. They place measured pressure in various areas of your teeth to shift them in the right direction. 

Metal braces are comprised of brackets, wires, and bands, each playing a role in ensuring your teeth maintain their ideal position throughout treatment. They are a great choice for any age patient and provide effective long-term results. 

Clear Ceramic Braces

A popular alternative, clear braces are a great aesthetic option for those looking to discreetly improve their smile. They work the same way metal braces do! Clear brackets are made of tooth-colored polycrystalline ceramic that provides a nearly invisible look, so you don’t have to worry about your appearance changing too much in the process. 

Because they are slightly more fragile than their metal counterparts, Dr. Petrunic usually recommends clear braces for older teens and adults. 

How Long Can I Expect To Be In Braces?

Treatment length changes with each patient and is calculated by a few factors, including your current smile, oral hygiene practices, the appliance used, and the work you want to accomplish. While many keep their braces on for about one to three years, your treatment could end up being shorter or longer. When you come in for your free consultation, we will give you a better understanding of your teeth needs.

Am I Too Old For Braces?

Why Consider Braces As An Adult

Easy Oral Hygiene Upkeep

Maintaining oral hygiene, such as twice daily brushing and flossing, becomes even simpler when your teeth are in the correct place and angle. Tiny pieces of food can burrow into small areas when your teeth positioning is not uniform, making you vulnerable to cavities and tooth decay. Braces help provide a strong base for long-term dental health and set you up for success.

Enhance Your Sleeping Experience 

Those with misaligned teeth have difficulty comfortably closing their mouths, thus necessitating regular mouth breathing instead of the nose, which is considered the healthier alternative. This allows your mouth to dry up and creates an environment where bacteria can fester, causing bad breath.

However, the hairs in your nose are able to filter out dust and allergens from the air you breathe in, thus making it more pure. Straightened teeth allow nose breathing to come naturally and enable you to sleep comfortably, avoiding a sore throat or fatigue in the morning. 

An Opportunity to Revamp Your Confidence

Your dental health and self-esteem are more closely connected than you may think. The condition of your smile can affect your willingness to display it and, in turn, your overall happiness. Those with aligned teeth come across as more trusting and kind, encouraging positive social interactions and making a lasting impression.

Taking the time to invest in your smile and allow yourself to feel more confident in your everyday life is worth each day that treatment takes!

Learn More With a Free Consultation!

Prior to committing to our office, Petrunic Orthodontics offers each potential patient a free consultation to help you better acquaint yourself with your teeth needs and our services. Alongside Dr. Petrunic, one of our orthodontic treatment coordinators will thoroughly examine your teeth and take digital photographs to learn the current positioning of your teeth, jaw, and soft tissue.

From there, our team will be able to determine what general treatment you can benefit from and create a customized plan consisting of your braces options to work towards a straighter smile. Our team additionally covers all things insurance and finance-related, so you can get the complete picture of what to expect from our office. 

We will happily answer all your questions and concerns, so you leave our office confident in discussing your treatment. If you feel ready on the day of, our team is prepared to begin your treatment on the spot!

Am I Too Old For Braces?

Your Road To A Healthy Smile Starts With Us!

Petrunic Orthodontics understands that taking the first step toward braces can be daunting. That is why we are here to help walk you through the process so you feel confident beginning treatment as soon as you are ready! Our Prattville practice proudly serves our community’s orthodontic needs with top care you can’t get anywhere else. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation, and a member of our team will reach out to you soon!