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Everything You Need To Know About Retainers

Here at Petrunic Orthodontics, there’s nothing we love more than seeing a patient’s face light up when their beautiful new smile is revealed for the first time! It’s a wonderful feeling, and we never get tired of helping children, teens, and adults achieve the exceptional results they’ve been hoping for. Completing the active phase of Read More

Your Guide To Orthodontic Treatment as an Adult

Your Guide To Orthodontic Treatment as an Adult

Thanks in part to an ever-increasing range of affordable treatment options, more adults than ever are choosing to improve their oral health with orthodontics. Although teens still make up the largest percentage of orthodontic patients, we’re seeing children and adults close that gap every day! Here at Petrunic Orthodontics, we’re proud to create beautiful smiles Read More


The Truth About Invisalign

Thanks to a multitude of advances in technology, today’s braces have gone through quite a dramatic change over the years. The braces we use at Petrunic Orthodontics feature a smaller, sleeker appearance, giving patients in Prattville a more comfortable orthodontic experience. However, many people still seek a more subtle way to straighten their smiles. Fortunately, Read More

Orthodontic Treatments

Types Of Braces

Orthodontic treatment has gone through some major transformations in recent years, giving patients more choices than ever before when it comes to achieving a healthy, confident smile. There are a few different types of braces that can straighten your teeth quicker and more discreetly than ever before. Using state-of-the-art technology and innovative techniques, Petrunic Orthodontics Read More

playing sports with braces

Playing Sports With Braces

Many Petrunic Orthodontics patients are active in sports. Both student and recreational athletes have questions about playing sports with braces. They want to know they’ll have to miss a season or two during their orthodontic treatment, or if they’re going to have to deal with discomfort in their mouths.  While this is a widespread concern, Read More

How Much Do Braces Cost?

How Much Do Braces Cost?

When it comes to helping patients straighten their smiles, one of the most often questions is, “how much do braces cost?” Orthodontic treatment is an incredible investment in your oral health, but we understand that time and finances are a big worry for many people. Here at Petrunic Orthodontics, we’re proud to offer multiple treatment Read More


3 Questions To Ask When Choosing An Orthodontist

Here at Petrunic Orthodontics, we want our patients to feel informed and empowered from their first appointment to the last. After all, choosing to improve your oral health with orthodontic treatment is a big decision! As an educated patient, you’ll know that your smile is too important to trust to anything less than an experienced Read More


Debunking Myths About Braces For Adults

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, many people tend to think of teenagers, but in reality, orthodontics has a multitude of benefits for patients of all ages – including adults! In fact, about 1 in every 5 current orthodontic patients is over the age of 18. If you’ve spent years feeling unsatisfied with how your Read More


Are Clear Aligners Worth It?

For many people, the idea of orthodontic treatment makes them think of one thing: metal braces. For a long time, braces were the only option available for straightening teeth and improving oral health. While today’s braces have undergone a major transformation, and are now more comfortable, effective, and lightweight than previous designs, many patients are Read More

Leave A Lasting Impression With A Beautiful Smile

Leave A Lasting Impression With A Beautiful Smile

You may not know it, but your smile is one of your most important features. Not only is it the first thing people notice when they meet you, it’s also what they tend to remember about you before anything else! There have actually been several studies done over the years that show how an attractive Read More