Should I See a Local Orthodontist for Clear Aligners?

Are you interested in starting orthodontic treatment but unsure where to turn? While you could choose to be seen through mail-order care or your family dentist, going to your local orthodontist for clear aligner treatment is the key to a comfortable, straightforward smile journey! Read on to learn what Dr. Petrunic and the Petrunic Orthodontics team do to support you and everything you need to know about clear aligners.

Why See Your Local Orthodontist

Unique Treatment Plans

With Petrunic Orthodontics, our team can make changes to your plan during subsequent appointments to ensure your clear aligners are correctly crafted, and your plan stays on or even ahead of schedule. Mail-order care, dentists, and other providers that may offer clear aligners likely don’t have the same resources to make your treatment plan unique to your teeth. This can prolong your time in care and sometimes cause discomfort.

Monitoring Progress

Dr. Petrunic will review your progress at each follow-up appointment, decide whether any changes are necessary to your treatment plan, and, based on your progress, provide further tips for clear aligner maintenance. Other services won’t offer the same expert eye throughout care to look out for any issues or understand how to make your care as efficient as possible.

In Case of an Emergency

Should an urgent situation arise regarding your clear aligners, such as your trays getting bent out of place or you’re suffering from a toothache, you can expect Dr. Petrunic and our team to be there for you as soon as possible. You won’t have to travel far to make it to your local office, and our front desk team can schedule you for an emergency appointment. We make your oral health our top priority.

Personalized Financials

Our team is always happy to work with patients to find a financial plan that comfortably fits their budget so you can focus on what’s most important: your brand-new smile! At Petrunic Orthodontics, we believe everyone should have the chance to undergo orthodontic treatment and strive to make our services affordable for everyone. During your free consultation, you can expect a complete breakdown of costs, so you know exactly what is going into your investment.

Should I See a Local Orthodontist for Clear Aligners?

All About Clear Aligners

At Petrunic Orthodontics, we proudly offer our patients the Clarity Aligner system. Clarity aligners are an incredible choice for those interested in an aesthetically pleasing appliance. They are made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth—no one will know you are undergoing treatment except our team! We want you to feel just as comfortable with your teeth’ appearance during treatment as you are after your plan is complete. 

The Benefits

This modern approach to teeth straightening is a popular choice among our patients for many reasons. Not only do they appear invisible, but they carry no food restrictions. Clear aligners are removable appliances, meaning you can continue to eat anything you would like so long as your trays are out during mealtime. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about the discomfort of wire tightenings or irritation inside your mouth. The brace components that typically cover areas of your mouth will not be present, making daily maintenance a breeze.

Using the Latest Technology

Clear aligners are an incredibly innovative orthodontic appliance that uses the latest technology. We use the iTero element scanner to create a detailed 3D model of your teeth. Using this model as a guide ensures your clear aligners are as fitted as possible as you begin the teeth straightening process. Thanks to advancements, Dr. Petrunic can also show you how your teeth will move during treatment and can make minor adjustments to your appliance throughout to achieve your smile goals.

Why Straightening Your Teeth Matters

Easier Everyday Oral Care

There are plenty of reasons to straighten your teeth, one being you get to enjoy simple oral maintenance. When your smile is in perfect alignment, tiny particles of food will have a much harder time getting stuck between your teeth. You can easily brush and floss each day to protect them from common complications like tooth decay, bacteria, and plaque, as hard-to-reach areas of your mouth will be gone.

During any of your appointments with Dr. Petrunic, he can show you the most effective way to keep everything clean and safe from issues. Our team is always happy to answer questions regarding caring for your oral health. 

Reduce Jaw Issues

Misaligned teeth tend to cause jaw pain or similar issues. Once your smile is in its perfect position, you can expect any discomfort to go away! Straightened teeth place even pressure across your mouth to avoid grinding and headaches. Clarity clear aligner treatment is great for working through these issues and ensuring an efficient treatment.

Enjoy a Great Smile!

You can look forward to a confidence boost after completing clear aligner treatment! The correlation between self-esteem and dental hygiene is stronger than you may think. Putting forward the effort to share your happiness with the world can offer new opportunities, both personal and professional. Taking the steps toward the confident smile you deserve helps open doors and grow new relationships with the people around you.

Improved Speech

With misaligned teeth, the natural position of your tongue may be slightly off balance. However, after treatment, you will be able to speak more clearly and annunciate certain phrases or sounds better, allowing for much more fluid movement. We ensure that your upper and lower jaw meet correctly with the help of clear aligners to make speech feel more comfortable.

Should I See a Local Orthodontist for Clear Aligners?

Start Clear Aligner Treatment Today!

Petrunic Orthodontics is always welcoming new patients to undergo clear aligner treatment. You can schedule a free consultation with Dr. Petrunic to learn more about your oral health needs and how we can help you accomplish your smile journey. Our team proudly serves Prattville and the surrounding communities with expert orthodontic care. We can’t wait to meet you!