Which Orthodontic Treatment is Right for Me

If the time is finally right for you to get straighter teeth, then you are in the right place! Petrunic Orthodontics has helped our patients in the Prattville area uncover beautiful and healthy smiles for many, many years. Dr. Petrunic is a board-certified orthodontist who is an expert at evaluating your unique dental needs and helping you select a treatment option that not only works but fits in with your unique needs and lifestyle. 

If you’re ready to learn more about which kind of treatment will work for you, then keep reading! We walk you through many of the factors that you should consider.


The truth is that orthodontic treatment will almost always require some adjustments to your normal life. Braces especially require a few changes, specifically with your diet. It will be important to avoid eating crunchy and hard foods, like carrots, apples, ice, and celery. You should also skip sticky and gooey things like caramels, candy, and gum. This will keep your brackets safe from breaking, which in turn will make your treatment more efficient and less costly to you. 

If you choose to wear Invisalign retainers during your treatment instead of braces, there are fewer restrictions overall. The biggest rule of thumb will be to remember to never eat or drink anything (aside from water!) while your aligners are in. Simply pop them out as you consume food or beverages, and then place them back in!

Taking Care of Your Teeth

Maintaining excellent oral health throughout your treatment will be super essential for a successful treatment. Brushing and flossing are life-long practices that will keep your mouth and body healthy and happy as you age. And this is especially true during orthodontic treatment! It can be quite a learning curve to get used to brushing and flossing with braces, especially. Cleaning well around the brackets with a toothbrush and interproximal toothbrush will prevent plaque buildup that can cause tooth decay. And using a floss threader to go under each wire when flossing takes practice but is essential for long-term health. 

Managing the health of your teeth when using clear aligners is much more straightforward. You can simply remove the retainers to brush and floss as normal, and then pop them back in! For this reason they are a super convenient option with less risk of tooth decay, but you have to remember to clean the retainers as well. They will need to be brushed daily with a cleaning solution and sometimes soaked to help remove set-in buildup. Keep that in mind as you plan for your cleaning routine during treatment!


Changing your appearance is a big deal and often a consideration for our patients when thinking about their treatment options. It’s fair that many adults and teens want to have options that don’t drastically alter their looks, but still get them beautiful straight teeth as a result. Invisalign retainers won’t change your appearance much at all, and many people may not even realize you are undergoing treatment with these aligners. We call them removable orthodontic appliances because you can take them in and out as needed, and since they are clear and fit perfectly over your teeth, they are nearly invisible. 

Braces on the other hand are called fixed appliances since they are permanently secured onto your teeth. This will keep them safe and secure with no risk of losing them, but they do alter your appearance since they stay on your teeth. Thankfully, there are a few options here as well, with traditional metal braces or tooth-colored ceramic braces that blend in more naturally with your smile! Talk to Dr. Petrunic about your options when you come into our office for your free assessment visit!

Case Complexity

Because orthodontics is never a one-size-fits-all approach, your unique case will impact the kind of treatment that Dr. Petrunic recommends. Some people who have more complex cases involving crowded or missing teeth, or jaw issues like malocclusions, or bite problems, may benefit from the power of braces as an orthodontic solution. Braces typically work better to help shift major problems in your mouth and pair well with other devices like palatal expanders to give your teeth the room they need to align. 

Less serious cases can often be treated with Invisalign retainers. As technology has improved, these clear aligners have gotten more effective at fixing mild to medium problems, and are a great and convenient fit for many of our patients!

Time Spent in Treatment and in Our Office

Finally, the last big factor to consider when thinking about orthodontic treatment is how long it will take and how often you will need to come into our office. As a general rule, braces take a bit longer to work, with an average of about 24 weeks in treatment. You will need to come into our office about every 6-10 weeks to have Dr. Petrunic evaluate your progress and recommend any adjustments. 

If you have Invisalign, treatment times tend to be shorter, averaging about 6-18 months in total. You will need to plan to be in our office very regularly to be evaluated and pick up the next round of aligners, about every 6 weeks. Regardless, embrace the fact that our office will be a big part of your life for a few months or years!

Which Orthodontic Treatment is Right for Me

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