Meet Your Millbrook Orthodontist

Dr. Chris Petrunic graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science degree before continuing his education with a Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the University of Alabama. Finally, he earned his Master of Science in Orthodontics, also from the University of Alabama.

Dr. Petrunic considers himself to be a lifelong learner. He stays aware of the latest technology to give my patients the newest, highest-quality treatment. He continues his education to keep up be orthodontic advances.

Dr. Petrunic is a native of Prattville, AL, and proud to have been born and raised in such a great community. He lives with his wife Ashely and their two children. He spends his free time hunting, fishing, playing golf, or just spending time outside or at his family farm.

Dr. Christ Petrunic is a member of the following professional organizations:

Dr. Petrunic

Why an Orthodontist in Millbrook? Orthodontist vs. Dentist

An orthodontist is a dentist, but a dentist is not an orthodontist. All orthodontists are dentists first, even though not every dentist is qualified to be an orthodontist. As an orthodontist, Dr. Petrunic has spent years studying nothing but how and why to move teeth. This includes what to do, how to plan, and how to execute the appropriate treatment plan. All orthodontists, including Dr. Petrunic, have to continue their formal education for 2 or 3 additional years before receiving their license and certification.

Why does it matter if you see your Millbrook Orthodontist?

Specialists receive additional training to give them the skills needed to deal with more complex orthodontic problems. However, Dentists do receive basic orthodontic training, which allows them to perform root canals, extract wisdom teeth, and treat young children who do not need to see an orthodontist yet.

An orthodontist may improve your treatment experience in the following ways:

  • Providing more treatment options, with a variety of braces or therapies to choose from.
  • Personal experience treating multiple cases that share your unique concern and anatomical characteristics.
  • More efficient treatment and visits because it is the office’s focus area of care.
  • Knowing that you’ll receive the best possible outcome on your treatment plan, especially if you have severe bite discrepancies that need to be addressed.

You may think it’s easier to have your dentist complete your orthodontic work, but convenience shouldn’t be a problem. You will only be stopping by your Prattville orthodontic offices every six to eight weeks.

Petrunic Orthodontics is proud to provide affordable treatment in the Millbrook area, and we don’t want price ever to be an obstacle. That’s why we accept most major insurance providers and offer payment plans.

Testimonials from your Millbrook orthodontist’s patients

Dr. Petrunic is the best I love how honest and understanding he is about my concerns with my son's teeth. He has some dental issues and I appreciate how Ms. Suzanne distracted him as the Dr. and I discussed the issues, without him listening and possibly feeling insecure or embarrassed while hearing our conversation. He's only 9 and we all know how sensitive little kids can be, so I appreciate how they worked as a team to protect his feelings. This means the world to me how they put in so much effort. I can't thank them enough. If anyone is looking for an orthodontist that is kind, honest, and caring this is the place, and to top it all off, your time is taken into consideration so they work hard to get you in and out in a timely manner. - B

Dr. Petrunic and his staff were extremely helpful, caring, and knowledgeable. The lobby is inviting, clean, and relaxing. My family and I have relocated, due to the catastrophic damages left from Hurricane Michael. I WILL be returning for future treatment. Thank you Dr. Petrunic - Heather